How could an international business reach a US audience?

As a business grows, it may look to expand its markets, and one of the largest markets to target is the US. Cracking the US market can be a daunting prospect, but for businesses, the opportunities are rich. In February 2015, exports to the US earned British businesses £3.2 billion. The US buys a wide range of products from the UK, including gluten-free foods and ancient Egyptian art. Some of the companies that have managed to crack the American market are Brompton Bikes and Topshop.


The US market is a notoriously difficult one to crack, and even some big British names such as Tesco have foundered when they tried. One way of reaching an American audience is to use the internet. The internet gives businesses the chance to reach out to customers across the world.


You can generate business in the US by using social media, blogs and apps. Before starting an online campaign, you need to be clear about what you are selling and which audience you want to target. Using social media successfully means more than just simply putting a few messages on an online website. Customers want to be engaged, and therefore you need to keep your social media content up to date. You should sign up for social media accounts on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Facebook will allow you to create your own business page, while LinkedIn can be used to connect with other businesses in the same industry that may be able to help you with ideas. However, to be successful on social media, you need to invest time, and this can be difficult if you are trying to manage multiple social networks. You can make things easier by using a social media manager to oversee all your social media accounts and ensure that your posts are submitted at the right time. An example of how to use social media successfully is Shahram Shirkhani on Twitter. He is an international legal consultant with clients in many countries. Take a look at his Twitter page to get an idea of the sort of information that you might put out there.


Social media marketing is online marketing that uses social media outlets to achieve branding and marketing communication aims. Social media marketing covers social sharing of content, images and videos for marketing purposes. Before starting your social media campaign, you need to be clear about your message and consider where your target audience is likely to be online. Information about your company should be clear and tell your customer what your business is about. However, social media marketing is not simply about putting advertising online. Customers want content that they will find interesting and valuable. You may also include competitions and offers on your social media sites to engage customers. You want to establish a relationship with your customers that allow them to interact with your company, not simply read content. You can link to other outside articles if they provide information that your customers might find interesting and you may find that they in turn will link to you.


A blog can also be a good way of communicating with your potential customers. Blogging allows you to share a wide range of content and information with your readers.

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