A Marketing Mind


Aimee Bolian Stanford is the owner of a A Marketing Mind, a Digital & Social Media Marketing startup company that still believes that word-of-mouth is the social marketing boss.  Aimee has both graduate and undergraduate degrees from Mississippi College, and has served as an adjunct professor for MC’s Communication Dept.

Aimee’s ambition, creativity and self-taught Internet skills were instrumental in contributing to the success of GreatRentals.com, one of the Internet’s first and most successful online vacation rental companies started by her parents.  In a few short years, this family-run business was purchased to start the world’s largest vacation rental site in the World – HomeAway/VRBO.com.  

Aimee is an energetic supporter for many community goodwill projects and enjoys watching others succeed. Aimee is an unabashed technology, startup, and innovation geek. Aimee has served as a mentor for several individuals and business over the years. She also enjoys serving as a Community Organizer to the Kauffman Foundation’s 1 Million Cups which meets each week in Jackson’s Midtown.   

Her collaborative marketing approach to social media and digital marketing, mixed with her organic SEO skills makes her a terrific coach, cheerleader and consultant.  Aimee resides in Brandon, Miss. with her husband and their 4 boys.

More information about Aimee can be found on her LinkedIn profile. https://www.linkedin.com/in/AimeeStanford

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