The World is Changing – Don’t Get Left Behind!

Is your business ready for the New


Join us August 25th, 2015 at the Clyde Muse Center

We will be hosting our third conference at the Hinds County Community College Clyde Muse Center.

Cut through the clutter of information!

Our main agenda will take you from start to finish through the key things you need to know to participate in the new economy.

Are you already online?

Our advanced agenda will help you understand what to do next. You have the basics in place and are trying to determine where best to focus your efforts.

Expert Speakers

We’ve brought together a wide variety of topic area experts to give you straight answers. They include industry guru’s and to university professionals to answer your questions.

How to keep your business

relevant today and tomorrow

Straight answers to your burning question.

How do I Keep my business growing?


The Etech Conference offers business owners the opportunity to get the information they need without the sales hype. Each presentation will be delivered by a qualified expert giving you the opportunity to ask the questions you need to help determine the right course for your business.

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