Our Vision

  • Our Vision for BankPlus

    BankPlus will remain an independent community bank by focusing on attracting, developing and retaining high-performance employees who will work together as a team to ensure the best possible service for our customers and exceptional return on investment for our shareholders. We expect high performance from every employee. Our environment will be challenging and demanding; yet, it will also be fun and rewarding. Each one of us has unique abilities, skills and talents that when pooled together as a team will enable BankPlus to attain high performance as an institution. We consider high performance for BankPlus to be return on our shareholders equity in the top 25% of our peer group.

    Our Commitments to High-Performance Employees

    We believe the foundation for high performance begins with employee satisfaction. We will provide our employees with an exciting environment where their work is meaningful and challenging and where the rewards go far beyond base compensation. We will establish open communication channels with employees and we will always be fair and honest with every employee. We will establish clear experience and educational guidelines for career advancement and we will invest heavily in training and continuing education in order to empower every employee to pursue career opportunities with BankPlus. We will work with every employee to establish personal goals and performance standards, and we will reward success. We will not tolerate failure. High-performance employees are those individuals who successfully accept the challenge of our environment while having fun as a loyal member of the BankPlus team.

    Our Expectations from High-Performance Employees

    We expect every employee to come to work every day with a positive attitude and a commitment to serving our customers. The minimum acceptable standard for high-performance employees will be excellence in customer service. We will be known for our friendly, personal, accurate and responsive customer service. We will show genuine concern for our customers and we will satisfy their financial needs with appropriate solutions. We will develop innovative products and improve convenience to further enhance our reputation for superior customer service. High-performance employees will also generate customer referrals for loans, deposits, investment services, insurance products and home mortgages.

    Our excellence in customer service and customer care combined with the attraction, development and retention of high-performance employees, who work together as a team to build customer relationships, will enable BankPlus to remain independent and attain high performance as an institution.

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