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Stan BriggsBEAKN


Stan Briggs is a serial entrepreneur.  By day, he is a Commercial Real Estate Broker, specializing in site acquisition and development.  By day and night, Stan is helping spearhead a new company that creates personal engagement between the millions of consumers and businesses, through those little handheld devices, we call smart phones.


Let Stan and his team help you to sculpt a powerful mobile presence and loyalty program for your business. Using powerful bluetooth enabled beacon technology like that which is used by Target, Google, Nike, Virgin Atlantic, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, American Eagle, SXSW Festival, the PGA Tour and many more business and events!


Stan will be explaining why it is important for your business to utilize beacon technology to grow the boundaries of your business. The little hardware beacon, combined with the Beakn Mobile App, creates a unique and customized customer experiences that rewards the relationship with your customers and helps to to make shopping/buying decisions in context to their location much easier.


Stan has sat on numerous boards, but is currently treasurer on the Giocosa Foundation board. Giocosa is a foster care & adoption agency.  He has great passion for his family, travel, and just about any sport with a ball.  Stan loves to serve and help individuals reclaim their imaginations.


Want to learn more about what Stan is doing?


Please call 512.296-0877, or email, or  connect with Stan on LinkedIn, or all of the above!


While you are waiting on your introduction to Stan, check out the BIG PRESS happening today about beacon technology! See why the big boys (and girls) are using it and you can too at a price that will astound you and your CFO!!!

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