Edge Theory


EdgeTheory is a “find engine” that helps businesses and organizations find and influence those who aren’t looking for them.


As a managed service, we find pre-customers by mapping the intersections between their lives, their work, and your business, then creating and publishing authentic messages about those intersections.


Search engines are great – when your customers are looking for products and services like yours. But how do you find people – the pre-customers – before they think to search for you?


The answer is: Conversation.


Conversation is the best way to prompt and influence the pre-customer’s decisions.


Online marketing has moved from cost-per-click to cost-per-engagement. But EdgeTheory believes the natural evolution – and the bigger payoff – is in conversation share.


Billions of social conversations can be found everywhere: In search engine results from Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. On social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. In content aggregators like Flipboard and Zite. In forwarded emails, through word-of-mouth, or any of the countless ways the Internet spreads information to people.


Using our knowledge graph, EdgeTheory creates data “maps” of how people’s lifestyles, passions, and interests intersect with our clients’ products and services. Using these maps, our platform creates and publishes authentic messages on leading social networks.


EdgeTheory is network-neutral, and works with Twitter, Flipboard, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr. It’s also multi-lingual, messaging in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin.


The result is coversation share – the amount of your industry’s conversation you own. EdgeTheory tracks your conversation share in real time, and you see the success of each message and its conversational keywords. Our platform continually analyzes your “conversational DNA”, and adjusts accordingly for optimal performance.


EdgeTheory works with companies of all sizes. We work with clients who have never had a Twitter account, and with clients who have already established large social followings. We offer high-touch, enterprise-level service, as well as highly-scalable supplemental messaging. We work with clients in the healthcare, hospitality, fashion, manufacturing, political, entertainment, non-profit, and education industries.


EdgeTheory believes the future of social marketing belongs to those companies that can shape, manage, and ultimately own their relevant conversation.

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